1. Do ensure you have selected the correct item in the correct colors/sizes before checking out. My Black Shop will not be able to amend orders once they have been confirmed and will not be held liable in the event the wrong colors/sizes are selected.
  2. In order to secure your purchase, you must provide us with your payment details within the stipulated time frame as stated:
    • Paypal/ Credit Cards: Immediate Payment Verification
    • IBanking/ ATM: 8 hours 
      Do note that we do not accept ATM Transfer Payment. 
  3. For Interbank Transfer, it will take 3-5 days for payment to reflect on our bank statement before we will be able to verify the payment. 
  4. Please note that by adding item(s) into your cart does not signify you have successfully purchased the item(s). Item(s) is only secured upon submission of payment.
  5. All orders will automatically be deemed void if payment is not received within this stipulated time frame. In the event where orders are void but an IBanking/ ATM payment has been made, there will strictly not be any refunds made. A store credit will be issued instead unless item is still available.
  6. By carting out the item, it implies your intention and interest to make a purchase. My Black Shop will reserve a slot for you. In the event where no payment is received and orders are cancelled, your account can/may be blacklisted from future purchases. 


How to Order: 

To make an order, simply click on "Add to Cart". Ensure that you have add the correct item and
quantities as no changes will be allowed upon check out.  

After adding your order to cart, you will be able to "View Cart" by clicking on the "Shopping Bag" icon
on the top right hand corner of the page. 


Applying Discount Code and Estimate Shipping Cost:

Please note that we are unable to manually apply the discount code to your order
if you have missed keying it in during check out. 

Kindly ensure that all information are correct before confirming your order prior to checking out. 


You can proceed to "Check Out" after you have confirmed your order details. 

You will then have to confirmed your "Account Details" and "Delivery Details

Upon doing so you will be lead to a page where you get to choose your "Payment Method".
(We only accept payment method via Bank Transfer and Paypal)

Lastly, your order will be confirmed once payment has been made and received by us. 
You will receive an email notification on on your order status. An email notification will 
also be sent once your item has been mailed. 

Thank you for shopping with us! Have a nice day!